Bile Acids for Pets

Bile acids belong to one sterol substance, which are the main content of bile with multi-biology functions. As one innovativefeed additive, bile acids can effectively protect liver and intestine health. Bile acids play a role in the three stages of fat emulsification, digestion and absorption.


Live / Digestive Health


Fat Nutrition


Metabolism Disease


Safe / Natural

Functions for Pets

  • Remove Red Tear Stains
    Corrected the metabolic problem of iron porphyrin, enhance pets’immunity to reduce the tears secretion, promoted liver metabolism, remove the red tear stains from root.
  • Bright Fur
    Promote the digestion and absorption of fat nutrition and fat-soluble vitamins A/D/E/K and increase the luster of the fur.
  • Protect digestive health
    Promote bile secretion to facilitate digestion, prevent and solve problems such as vomiting due to digestive difficulties. Helps maintain gut health.

  • Protect liver health
    Reduce liver stress, help promote bile production in the liver, maintain bile fluidity, and protect the smooth functioning of liver metabolism.

Product Guide

  • Color: Off-white
  • Form: Powder
  • Molsture: 10% Max
  • Origin: Shandong, China
  • Package: 20Kg / 1Kg
  • Shelf Time: 18 months

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