Bile AcidsSolution for Fat Digestion and Animal Liver Health.


Feed Bile Acids

Feed Bile Acids

Runeon An innovative functional feed additives.

  • Improve fat utilization,ME reduced by 50kcal.
  • Prevent fatty liver and hepatobiliary syndrome, protect liver health.
  • Eliminate endotoxins, protect intestinal health .
  • Improve production performance and carcass quality.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Australia Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Oil;
Natural Alternative to Chemical Parasiticides.

Essential Oil


  • Directly kill bacterial and virus, replacing antibiotics.
  • Naturally anticoccidial feed additives.
  • Aquatic repellent, repelling instead killing .

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Product Application Case

  • Company Introduction

ABOUTusExtraction of Natural Materials
Focusing on Animal Fat Nutrition

Authority On Bile Acids

Authority On Bile

Unique Lawful Manufacturer of Feed Bile Acids in China.

The National Standard Marker of Bile Acids.

Patents for the Invention.

Professional on Bile acids

Professional on
Bile acids

The Research Center of Animal Liver Health.

Lab on Fatty Acids Digestion and Absorption.

Technical Service

Technical Service

Provide customers with product use guidance, provide
feed inspection and quality control.

Provide market support and after-sales support for partners.

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Product Application

  • Bile Acids for Broilers
  • Bile Acids for  Laying Hens
  • Bile Acids for Ruminant
  • Bile Acids for Aqua
  • Bile Acids for Swine
  • DAMEL(Bile Acids) for Pet & Racing Animals