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Bile Acids

What's Bile Acids?

Bile acids are the main active ingredients of bile, which is one synthesis sterols material with multiple bioactivities. It can promote fat metabolism, protect liver and intestine health, support animal health for poultry, livestock and aquaculture, enhance the feed utilization and lower feed cost.

  • Bile Acids
  • Bile Acids
  • Bile Acids
  • Functions of Bile Acids

    1.Improve utilization of fat and reduce feed cost.

    2.Improve bile secretion, protect liver and gallbladder.

    3.Decompose and eliminate toxins, enhance immunity.

    4.Promote absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

    5.Stabilize feed quality, reduce hazards of DDGS, or other anti-nutrition elements.

    Bile Acids

    Why Choose Bile Acids?

    1.High fat and energy and large amount of various unconventional materials bring heavy burden to the body organs, especially to liver and seriously affect its normal functions.

    2.For young animals, immature functions of liver and gall, leads to intestinal disease such as diarrhea etc.

    3.Toxic and hazardous substances such as MDA, mycotoxins and heavy metals do harm to intestine, reducing utilization of nutrients and destroy liver functions.

    Action Mechanism of Bile Acids

    ●  Promote fat digestion and absorption

    1.Emulsify fats
    Bile acids have biosurfactant structure for fat which causes fat emulsified into microscopid droplets. Greatly increases the Surface area of fat, making it available for digestion by lipase.

    2.Activate lipase
    Bile acids can change the structure of lipase when combining into micelles to finish fat hydrolyzation process.

    3.Promote fat absorption
    Only the combination of bile acids and fatty acids, could facilitate fatty acids to reach to surface of small intestinal villus and get into bloodstream.

    Bile Acids

    ●  Protect liver and gallbladder health

    1.Decrease fat deposit in liver and promote the compound of VLDL , prevent fatty liver syndrome;

    2.Promote the bile secretion and release the heavy burden of liver;

    3.Detoxification, bile acids could help to combine and decompose toxins, like mycotoxins, endotoxins which do great harm to liver and intestine.

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    Product Application

    • Bile Acids for Broilers
    • Bile Acids for  Laying Hens
    • Bile Acids for Ruminant
    • Bile Acids for Aqua
    • Bile Acids for Swine
    • DAMEL(Bile Acids) for Pet & Racing Animals

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