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How to improve survival rate of vannamei

How to improve survival rate of vannamei

At present, P. vannamei has become the largest shrimp breeding species in China, but the survival rate of breeding is worrying. The average rate of survival is only 20-30%, which causes a large amount of economic losses to shrimp farmers every year. Therefore, the survival rate of P. vannamei is the key to the success of breeding!

Reasons for the low survival rate of P.vannamei culture

1. Lack of scientific management methods

Ineffective management: monitoring of water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrite, etc.


2. Seed selection

Broodstock carry microorganisms such as EMS virus, iridescent virus, taura virus, and Vibrio bacterium.


3. The water quality is not adjusted properly

Pond culture is susceptible to external factors such as weather and water pollution. Water quality changes rapidly under weather or water pollution, and ammonia nitrogen and nitrite have exceeded standards.


4. Feeds don’t meet nutritional requirements.

Many feed mills have inadequate production processes, and P. vannamei feed does not contain fishmeal, which causes the nutritional elements of cultured P. vannamei to fall short of standards.

Death should be prevented in the middle and late period of breeding. Death not only reduces the survival rate of the breeding but also increases the cost of feed.


1. Induced domestication in early stage

First of all, 1cm size shrimp seedlings can't catch clover at all; Secondly, although the bait for good water is sufficient, there are not many beneficial algae in the freshly-laid water. In order to avoid the lack of natural bait in the early stage, we need to feed artificial feed as soon as possible, and it is best to add some attractants in smaller water centralized domestication, which can improve feed utilization, greatly shorten the domestication time, and also shorten the breeding cycle and improve the breeding efficiency.

2. Reasonable feeding, daily liver protection

According to the change of dissolved oxygenin the pond water, we recommend feeding feed late in the afternoon; feeding late in the morning to provide dissolved oxygen to the shrimp to ensure the digestion and absorption of the bait.

Regular feeding of Lachance Bile Acids can improve the liver and pancreas health of shrimp, prevent liver and pancreas health, and prevent the occurrence of enteritis and white stool.


Phone:+86 531 66699786

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