Bile AcidsSolution for Fat Digestion and Animal Liver Health.


Our technical team will provide comprehensive fatty acid solutions to help you optimize feed formulation, prevent and control the diseases in your farm.
Dr.Li Jinbao Dr.Li Jinbao

Technical Director
Feed Formulator

Dr.Baixiuyun Dr.Baixiuyun

Layer Nutrition Formula Technology
Layer Disease
Prevention and Control

Dr.Sun Zhiliang Dr.Sun Zhiliang

Cheif Technical Service Expert
Feed Formulator
Feed Quality Control
Senior Nutritionalist

Dr.Wang Jianmin Dr.Wang Jianmin

Feed Formulator
Senior Nutritionalist
Research of Feed Oil

Dr.YangXiaofei Dr.YangXiaofei

Piglet Nutrition
Technology Expert

Dr.Liu Tailiang Dr.Liu Tailiang

Shrimp Expert
Fatty Nutrition Research

Dr.Gao Zhiqiang Dr.Gao Zhiqiang

Health Specialist
Aquatic Expert

Dr.Zhangwei Dr.Zhangwei

Shrimp Expert
Sea fish Expert

Dr.WangShengpeng Dr.WangShengpeng

Aqua Expert
Fish Expert

Dr.Chen Aijing Dr.Chen Aijing

Shrimp Nutrition Expert
Industrial Aquaculture Expert

Dr.Xu Huarong Dr.Xu Huarong

Pet Technical
Service Expert

Mr.WangYuhui Mr.WangYuhui

Poultry Disease Expert

Yuan Huajin Yuan Huajin

Laying Hen Expert

Liu Dong Liu Dong

Laying Hen Expert

LiChunhu LiChunhu

Poultry Live Expert

Liu Changhe Liu Changhe

Sow Expert

ZhangLifu ZhangLifu

Piglet Expert

Yuan Jun Yuan Jun

Aquaculture Parasites Treatment Expert

Wang Shengzhu Wang Shengzhu

Aquatic Liver Expert

Poultry Expert
Swine Expert
Aqua Experts
Pet Expert
Breeding Farm Expert
Poultry Farm
Swine Farm
Aqua Farm


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Product Application

  • Bile Acids for Broilers
  • Bile Acids for  Laying Hens
  • Bile Acids for Ruminant
  • Bile Acids for Aqua
  • Bile Acids for Swine
  • DAMEL(Bile Acids) for Pet & Racing Animals

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