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How to prevent and control the diarrhea diseases of piglets ?

How to prevent and control the diarrhea diseases of piglets ?

Diarrhea of piglets is very common disease in farrowing house of the pig farm, which is liable to cause a great loss to the farmers. Especially in autumn, winter and spring, diarrhea occurs frequently. However, it was found during our visit to many pig farms, the diarrhea of piglets in farrowing house is actually caused by deposit of toxins inside the body of sows, which is quite different from bacterial and viral diarrheas.

There are some symptoms of diarrhea diseases that occur in pig farms including:

1. Early age. Diarrhea mainly occurs to 3-4-day piglets or even 1-day piglet.

2. Excrement is yellow congee-like, without specific malodor, excessive air bubbles or visible blood. No infectious gastroenteritis-like watery diarrhea is observed. Vomiting often occurs before diarrhea and stops at the beginning of diarrhea. The vomit is yellow-white curd and gastric juice.

diarrhea of piglets3. The body temperature reaches around 40℃. Some sick pigs have normal body temperature. In the early stage of diarrhea, most of pigs keep sucking milk. In the middle of diarrhea period, piglets are in poor spirit state and the intake of milk is reduced seriously. Dehydration occurs soon after diarrhea. The eyeballs sink. The course of disease usually lasts 3-5 days.

4. Diarrhea only occurs to suckling piglets in the farrowing room, multiple batches, continuously in half a year. The incidence is 50% to 100%. The mortality rate is 80% to 100% for piglets infected with viral or bacterial diarrhea. Diarrhea does not occur to breeding, nursery, and medium and large pigs.

5. Antibiotic, antibacterial and antiviral treatments did not take effect, and oral rehydration salts or intraperitoneal rehydration showed no previous effect, which only prolonged the course of the disease by one or two days.

6. After dissection, it can be observed that undigested curd existed in the stomach and for some sick piglets, there were no contents in the intestines, the liver became enlarged, light in color and hard in texture, bladder, the gallbladder shrunk with no bile inside, or the gallbladder became enlarged with thin walls, with small amount of yellow or brown bile inside.

diarrhea of swine

It can be concluded that most of the diarrhea of piglets are caused by the deposit of toxins inside the body of sows, rather than by pathogenic factors. The toxins damage the liver of piglets during pregnancy period or move to the sow’s milk and finally cause the diarrhea of piglets. 

Such diarrhea is usually followed by bacterial infections and that’s why the farmers try to solve this problem by using antibiotics after observing those symptoms of bacterial diarrhea. However, the real reason is deposit of toxins inside sow’s body. As a result, the course of disease will be extended, which reduces the growth performance of piglets and affects the production benefits of the farms.

Usually the farmers spend a lot of money but the problem remains unsolved.

It is suggested to treat diarrhea disease of piglets in farrowing house by solving the toxin deposit inside sow’s body.

Healthcare Solutions for Sows

Application Period: One month before delivery to the start of weaning period

Dosage: 500g/t before delivery & 1kg/t for suckling period


1. Improve the feed intake of the sows

2. Improve the health and vitality of piglets

3. Improve the quality and quantity of sow’s milk

4. Reduce the diarrhea rate of piglets


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