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Eucalyptus Essential Oil for laying hens

It has been proved that eucalyptus oil can restrain the growth of a large number of pathogens, protect the health of respiratory tract and intestines, improve growth performance and help animals to alleviate stress. Classified as phytogenic feed additives, Eucabiotics can be added daily with no harms or residues
Functions laying hens / breeder

1.Antibacterial and bactericidal action   

2.Anti-inflammatory effects

3.Anthelmintic action

4.Anticoccidiosis effect 


150-200 g/ton Eucabiotics in the feed and mix well

Trial on Laying hens/breeder 

Experiment 1:JSGM applies Eucabiotics to solve enteritis problem

The breeding scale of layer chickens is 500,000, among which 50,000 are in one house. Enteritis and coccidiosis often appear after being transferred to the group. Chemical treatment is used.When the group was found to have red manure, fecal thinning, accompanied by overfeeding phenomenon.
After using lechang (1000g/t) for 10 days, no other drugs were used. After using Eucalyptus essential oil for 5 days, the stool became normal, and no enteritis or coccidiosis problems occurred. Currently, Eucalyptus essential oil is used as a preventive medicine for a certain stage.

Experiment 2:Eucalyptus essential oil was used in FX feed to solve enteritis

There were more than 40,000 layers each house on 200,000 chicken farms. Enteritis appeared when they were 350 days old.
After being treated with Eucalyptus essential oil (1000g/t) for 10 days, the feces was normal and the broken eggs were obviously decreased after 10 days, and the egg production rate was well maintained in good level.

Experiment 3:HBSD was applied to solve respiratory problems by Eucabiotics

HBSD, 35,000 layers, developed respiratory tract around 170 days. When entered the chicken house to observe the chickens,found obvious cough, runy nose, nose fall and other manifestations, this symptoms died about 10 every day.
Eucabiotics:1kg/t material before five days, 0.5kg/t material after five days, the respiratory tract was gone after use, and the number of dead samples was reduced to 4-5 / day .



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Phone:+86 531 66699786

Address:A-824, Lushang Square, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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