Bile AcidsSolution for Fat Digestion and Animal Liver Health.


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DAMEL(Bile Acids) for Pet & Racing Animals

DAMEL(Bile Acids) is an innovative pet health supplement.

Main function:

- Remove hepatic tear stains

- Prevent hepatic lipidosis

- Help to remove jaundice

- Improve appetite

- Keep in good body shape

- Reduce blood glucose and blood lipid

- Protect dogs and cats liver health, promote fat digestion and absorption
The function of Damel

1. Solution for hepatic lipidosis: prevent jaundice, detoxifying, and lightening liver burden.

2. Solution for pet obesity: improve insulin sensitivity, directly lower blood fat, promote lipid metabolism, and improve pet health.

3. Solution for tear stains: porphyrin is the cause of tear stains, Damel can reduce the content of porphyrin in tears, protect pet with clear and bright eyes.

4. Solution for aging diseases: prevent high blood pressure, high blood fat, obesity in old age.


2g/day/10kg body weight

Trial on Damel

Damel--lower pet high blood sugar and fat

Damel application cases


Damel website storage

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Phone:+86 531 66699786

Address:A-824, Lushang Square, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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  • DAMEL(Bile Acids) for Pet & Racing Animals

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