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Bile Acids for Aqua

Bile acids belong to one sterol substance, which are the main content of bile with multi-biology functions. As one innovative feed additive, bile acids can effectively protect liver and intestine health.Bile acids play a role in the three stages of fat emulsification, digestion and absorption.
Bile acids for shrimp

1.For shrimps and other crustaceans which could not secret bile salts and cholesterol, adding Runeon could promote metamorphosis and shorten the molting time.

2.Replace part of the cholesterol, reduce feed cost.

3.Protect the health of hepatopancreas and intestine, the survival rate could be improved by 10%.

4.Enhance the anti-stress ability of shrimp and reduce the risk of some vital disease outbreak, like EMS/EHP/white feces.


Trial on shrimp

Vannamei; Temperature fluctuation is 25-30 °C  With PH value of 7.2-7.7 
Location: Aquaculture Laboratory, South China Agricultural University

shrimp trial

The experiment shows, finial weight gained 5.54%,survival rate improved 11.94%, 
FCR decreased 4.73%, there are significant differences between control groups (p<0.05).

Bile acids for fish

1.Promote the digestion of fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Improve feed conversation ratio.

2.Protect liver health, prevent fatty liver disease, detoxify mycotoxin/endotoxin and the hazards from the usage of feed ingredients.

3.Enhance anti-stress ability and reduce mortality rate during transportation.

4.Improve body shape and meat quality.

Trial on fish

fish trial

Species Dosage (g/ton feed)
Freshwater fish 200
Tilapia 200
shrimp 600
Salmon 500
Seabass 600
Eel 400
Rainbow Trout 600
Other marine fish 600
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Phone:+86 531 66699786

Address:A-824, Lushang Square, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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