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Bile Acids for Ruminant

Bile acids belong to one sterol substance, which are the main content of bile with multi-biology functions. As one innovative feed additive, bile acids can effectively protect liver and intestine health.Bile acids play a role in the three stages of fat emulsification, digestion and absorption.
Bile acids for dairy cows

1. Prevent perinatal period fatty liver and ketosis, improve reproduction ability.

2. Improve energy negative balance, improve body health.

3. Increase milk production and milk quality.


Dry Period 8-10 Restore body condition and store nutrients
Perinatal Period 10-12 Improve feed intake & energy utilization, prevent fatty liver and ketone disease
Lactation Period  10-15 Improve milk yield and milk quality

Bile acids for cattle and meat sheep

1. Improve daily weight gain by 15-20% through improving lipids absorption. Improve FCR by 15% minimum, obviously increase feed intake, shorten slaughter cycle by adding regularly.

2. Improve slaughter quality, reduce under-skin fat, increase fat between muscle, improve carcass rate.

3. Improve immunity of cattle and meat sheep, lower morbidity.


Beef cattle Calves: 1-2 g/cattle/day Promote the development of digestive organs
Stocker Cattle: 2-3 g/cattle/day Increase the absorption of minerals, especially calcium & phosphorus, and promote skeleton growth
Fattening Cattle: 3-5 g/cattle/day Improve growth performance 
Mutton sheep 1-2 g/sheep/day Improve growth performance 

Trial on Ruminant


Experiment shows that Runeon stays around 85% within 24 hours, indicating that Runeon has very good survivability over rumen microbe. 


Experiment shows that after adding Runeon, dry matter intake has increased by 9.69%. Runeon improves digestion rate, increase dry matter intake and improves milk quantity.

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Address:A-824, Lushang Square, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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