Bile Acids for Broiler

Mycotoxin cannot be ignored in poultry

Mycotoxin has acute or chronic toxicity to humans and animals, causing damages to liver, kidney, never tissues, hematopoietic tissues and skin tissues of the organism. Experiment shows that the mycotoxin has a strong carcinogenicity.

Mycotoxin has great damages to poultry, causing chicken spirit low, feed intake decrease, eggshell quality poor and so on.Because toxins are deposited in the gut and live, the autopsy will show thatglandular stomachenlarged, papillomaandliverbroke.

The feed is easy to become moldy when the temperature and humidity are suitablein the environment. Mycotoxin enters into the body of the chicken, causing damages to liver, kidney, immune system, reproductive system. So mycotoxin cannot be distinguished by eye.

A little number of mycotoxins such as aflatoxins have great toxins. In addition, the toxicity of mycotoxin can gradually accumulate to liver and gut.

The results show that prevent mycotoxin more cheaperthan treatthe disease, The harm of chronic poisoningis greater than acute poisoning. Mycotoxin cause great effect to organism, so need to add feed additive.

Measures for mycotoxin:

1.Toxin adsorption. The separation of mycotoxin and feed will not only adsorb mycotoxin, but also absorb nutrients, so it is not recommended to add too many nutrients in the feed.

2.Control of raw materials: Save the control of environmental humidityand put a certain amount of dry lime

3.Environmentmanagement: clean the processing roomandthe tough.

4.Detoxification toxin: adding bile acids in the feed

Deoxycholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid can also promote the liver cells to secrete a large amount of thin bilesoas toprotect liver and gall bladder

After adding bile acidsin the feed, it is obvious that the laying hens have a good spirit, increase feed intakeandimprovethe quality of eggshell.Bile acidscan also promote the absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitaminsand improve the content of calcium, egg production and eggshell qualityin the body.

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