Bile Acids for Pet ( Damel )

Damel helps pets to improve liver function, lower bilirubin

Damel helps pets to improve liver function, lowerbilirubin, and promote appetite recovery

Pay attention to liver healthIf your cat has yellow urine, vomit or refusal toeat, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, protect the liver with Dameland recover health quickly.

Cat owners know cats must not be hungry. Because as long as the cat is not eating, hepatic lipidosis is easily caused, accompanyingwithsymptoms such as vomiting, poor appetite, malaise, and even jaundice. In fact, chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis can cause similar symptoms. If you find your catwasunwell, you must take it to the hospital for examination in a timely manner. The sooner the disease is discovered, diagnosed and treated, and the sooner health is restored.


On admission, Yummy's mental state was very low


To prevent discomfort, the color of cat's vomit picture has been changed

Recently, Dongguan Meijia Animal Hospital has treated a Chinese garden cat called Yummy, 2 and half years old, female, immune and deworming. The cat's owner noticed that Yummy's urine turned yellow, did not eat, and had symptoms of vomiting, and it could only eat a fewcanned food. Thecat's owner was very worried, so he took Yummy to the hospital for help with Doctor Ren. After preliminary diagnosis, Yummy's total bilirubin, liver enzymes, and triglycerides were all too high, and Yummy was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis based on biochemical examinationdata.


Comparison of biochemical reports before and after Yummy treatment.

In addition to conventional nutrition for cats, Ren also used Damel, a liver-protecting pet supplement, to help Yummy improve liver function, lowerbilirubin, and promote appetite recovery. After a week of treatment, all abnormal indicators returned to normal when Yummy was examined again. The owner of cat reflected that the urine color of Yummy became lighter and its mental state was better. Thanks to Dr. Ren for his help.

Lachancebile acid, as the leading hepatobiliary protection brand in China, is committed to protecting the liver and intestine health of animals, and is worthy of everyone's trust. As an endogenous substance,Damel can not only protect the liver and reduce the burden on the liver; it can also promote bile secretion and excretion, and play a choleretic rolein the intestine, it can help digestion and absorption of lipid nutrients, promote intestinal peristalsis and help restore appetite. Cats are carnivores, so they need to be supplemented with Damel to help the digestive system function properly. Only when the cat's liver is healthy,will the appetite be good and the spirit naturallybegreat.


Yummy's Medical Record

Pet owners are reminded here that don't look at cats that are usually very lively, especially Chinese garden cats, butmay be caught off guard when they suddenly get sick.If you notice that your cat has symptoms of vomiting, yellow urine, or even a hunger strike, please ask your pet doctor for help as soon as possible. Yummy's owner is very attentive. When he found Yummywas uncomfortable, he immediately rushed to the pet hospital for treatment, so the cat recovered quickly. Please choose and trust a professional doctor for diagnosis and treatment.


Chat history between Yummysowner and Dr.Ren

















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