Bile Acids for Pet ( Damel )

To provide the best care for senior pets, we need Bile Acids!

Oct 28,2020 

Pet parents always need to face to a problem: As our furry children grow older, they graduallylose their vitality and do not like to interact with us. It seems that they are getting old overnight. Parents are beginning to worry:Am I going to lose my fur child? What should I do? What can I do? Am I just watching my beloved baby leave me?”

In fact, pets are naturally getting old is something we must face, and what we can do is to improve the health and quality of their lifeas much as possible. Among the elderly dogs and cats, the most common health problem is hyperlipidemia, which can cause serious cardiovascular problems.

A 7-year-old Chihuahua boy named Moonwas admitted to Pet Hospital recently. Hisparents responded that Moonsuddenly didn't like to eat. He used to bevery lively in running and jumping. But recently, hebecame very lazy and didnt wish to acknowledge his parents.The vetdid a preliminary examination and found that Moon’s blood sugar and blood lipid were high, and the supernatant of the blood sample was obviously in milky white.

Scientific experiments have confirmed that bile acids can resist liver fat deposition, significantly reduce cholesterol and triglyceride indicators, and protect animal liver health.

The vetaskedMoonsparents to apply bile acid once a day to solve hyperlipidemia

problem.Moon’ liver function indicators and blood lipids returned to normal inreexamination.Hisparents responded that Moon’s spirit had recovered very well and his vitality had improved significantly.Healso loved interacting with their parentsagain.

Hyperlipidemia can affect the degree of neural activity and inhibit various animal behaviors, including exercise and eating. Moons parents said that they will keep using bile acidsto help Moon have a healthyseniortime.I would like to remind everypetparents and friends that pleasegive your fur child a physical examination on time to find the problem early to have the best treatment effect.

Lachancebile acidsprotectpets liver and gallbladderhealth, improve their lifequality, and prolong the accompany timewith their parents.