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Teddy was critically ill with hepatitis, but fortunately had Damel to help him survive!

Release date:Mar 19,2020 Source:LACHANCE
Teddy was critically ill with hepatitis, but fortunately had Damel to help him survive!

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver collectively, usually by a variety of pathogenic factors, such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, autoimmune factors make liver cell damage and liver function damage, caused a series of symptoms such as vomiting, anorexia, body mental burnout and jaundice, etc., associated with abnormal hepatic function index. The etiology of hepatitis is relatively complicated, and doctors need to diagnose and treat it based on clinical manifestations and biochemical examinations. Damel has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, improves animal immunity, and protects the liver. It is a hot spot in clinical and laboratory research of hepatobiliary diseases.

Basic Information 







Male / Unsterilized


7 years old



Pet Doctor

Clinic Name:

Dr. Liu

Dongchang Animal Clinic

On October 6th, Yingkou Dongchang Animal Clinic received a diagnosis and treatment of a teddy dog named Peter. Peter was taken to the hospital for treatment by his owner due to a hunger strike. The first hospital to receive treatment did not improve for 6 consecutive days. Peter's condition worsened, and the doctor gave him a critical notice. Peter’s owner didn't want to give up treatment for Peter, saying he would save Peter no matter how difficult it was. So he took Peter to Dr. Liu's clinic for help. When Peter was sent to the clinic, he was in low spirits . His tongue was severely yellow and protruding, his ears and belly were severely yellow, his urine was brown and yellow, so he vomited and could not eat anything.

Differential diagnosis

After biochemical examination, Peter was initially diagnosed with hemorrhagic hepatobiliary inflammation with jaundice.


(Bilirubin index quickly returned to normal range after Peter received treatment)
After analyzing Peter's condition, Dr. Liu used Damel (2 grams a day) in combination with conventional clinical treatment. Three days later, Peter's appetite gradually improved, jaundice began to fade, and the color of urine became pale yellow. Another seven days passed in hospital, Peter recovered his spirit, his appetite returned to normal, jaundice subsided significantly, and urine color returned to normal.


                                       Chat record with Dr. Liu

Effect feedback after adding Damel

During the follow-up visit, Dr. Liu told us that after discharge, Peter recovered well and had a normal diet. The owner was very happy and thanked Dr. Liu for saving Peter's life. The recovery was so rapid that Dr. Liu was surprised. After all, Peter had been in critical condition before he was sent to the hospital. This condition made her trust Damel even more.


(TheDongchang Animal Clinic)

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