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Pay attention to liver health: The pet's abdomen is yellow and swollen?

Release date:Jan 10,2020 Source:LACHANCE
Pay attention to liver health: The pet's abdomen is yellow and swollen?

Pay attention to liver health: The pet's abdomen is yellow and swollen?


The concept of ascites

Ascites refers to excessive accumulation of free fluid in the abdominal cavitythis is a phenomenon, not a disease. Any pathological condition that causes the amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity to exceed the normal range is called ascites. There are many causes of ascites, the more common are cardiovascular disease, liver disease, peritoneal disease, kidney disease, nutritional disorders, malignant tumor peritoneal metastasis, ovarian tumors, and connective tissue diseases.



The picture of ascites extracted from the abdominal cavity

The cat ascites

There is a small amount of fluid in the cat's abdominal cavity to keep it lubricated. But if a lot of fluid leaks from other places, cat ascites is formed. The formation of cat ascites is generally a slow process, and it is difficult to tell from the signs at first. The fluid that penetrates into the cat's abdominal cavity may come from the cat's blood vessels or abdominal wall, or it may come from the cat's internal organs. If your cat is diagnosed with ascites, it must take timely treatment.

Common symptoms

In daily observation, when you find that the cat with ascites has symptoms of difficulty breathing. The following symptoms may appearlethargy, anorexia, vomiting, weight gain, malaise, abdominal palpation resistance, make strange noises, diarrhea, high fever, cough, sudden collapse etc. If your cat has anorexia or refractory vomiting, it will need your special care. Once the cause of ascites is determined, the right medicine should be able to achieve significant results in a short time. However, in some serious cases, such as severe liver damage, heart failure, etc., the prognosis is poor and the treatment cycle will be lengthened accordingly.



Mark was being examined

Xiao's Animal Clinic admitted a Garfield cat named Mark, a 1-year-old, 2.5 kg male, on October 23. The owner responded that Mark suddenly appeared not to eat, lethargic, and belly was getting bigger, was unwilling to interact with people, and the ears and teeth began to yellow. Mark's condition was serious, so the owner hurried to ask  Doctor Xiao for help. Dr. Xiao made an inquiry and corresponding examination on Mark. SAA showed that Mark had severe inflammatory reaction and the total bilirubin index was too high. The initial diagnosis was that Mark had ascites with jaundice.



Comparison diagram of biochemical examination results

Dr. Xiao draws ascites from Mark's belly and given it corresponding nutritional support treatments. In addition, Dr. Xiao also used Damel on Mark to improve its liver enzymes, reduce bilirubin, protect the liver, and eliminate jaundice.



Mark was taking Damel

Clinically proven: Damel can not only improve liver function indexes, but also promote bile secretion and excretion, reduce the bilirubin index in plasma, and have the effect of protecting the liver. Lachance focus on protect animal liver and intestine health for 16 years,and it is the leading brand of liver and intestine protection in China.

After a period of treatment, the owner brought Mark back to the clinic for  re-examination on October 31. Mark's biochemical indicators were basically normal, and the symptoms improved significantly. It started to eat actively, the jaundice was obviously reduced, and the owner reflected that Mark's belly was no longer swollen. Dr. Xiao asked the owner to continue taking Damel to Mark to protect liver health and prevent recurrence.



The Xiao Animal Clinic

Pet owners are reminded here that there are many incentives for cats to suffer from ascites. You must often pay attention to the spirit state of the cat. If you notice that your cat has symptoms of anorexiayellow urine, or vomiting, please ask your pet doctor for help as soon as possible. Mark's owner is very attentive. When he found Mark was uncomfortable, he immediately rushed to the pet hospital for treatment, so the cat recovered quickly. Please choose and trust a professional doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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