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Don't Let Heat Stress Drain Your Pigs and Profits

Release date:Jul 26,2020 Source:LACHANCE
Don't Let Heat Stress Drain Your Pigs and Profits

As the temperature rises, high temperature heat stress has become an important issue in the farming! As the saying goes: Big pigs are afraid of heat and little pigs are afraid of cold! Pigs are more sensitive to heat than other animals because they can't sweat. And the lungs are relatively small and the subcutaneous fat is thicker, which makes pigs more prone to heat stress than other animals.

When subjected to heat stress, the sows will have the following behaviors:

1. Decreased feed intake of sows

The sows will reduce their body heat production by reducing feed intake.

High temperature and heat stress and accelerated metabolism, which makes it impossible to excrete a large number of metabolites (toxins) from the body, causing metabolic disorders.

In the later stages of pregnancy, the fetus compresses the intestines and slows gastrointestinal motility, causing constipation. If the constipation is severe, the sow will easily refuse to eat.

The lower feed intake will aggravate constipation, thus forming a vicious circle. (Secondary absorption of toxins) Constipation in the later stages of pregnancy directly leads to postpartum anorexia, or feed intake cannot be increased during lactation.

2. The labor process is too long, and stillbirths increase significantly

Less amniotic fluid makes the pig fetus crowded in the uterus, resulting in uneven nutrient supply and poor uniformity of holding pigs. The imbalance of body fluids causes muscle weakness, and the lack of amniotic fluid in the uterus directly leads to the occurrence of "excessive labor" and increases the mortality of piglets.

3. Low feed intake of lactating sows, insufficient milk, piglets diarrhea and low weaning weight.

4. Sows don’t estrus after weaned, and they are not allowed to bred in estrus, The prevalence of metritis is increased and the farrowing rate is low.

When pigs are exposed to a high temperature environment (even if only for 2 to 6 hours), their intestinal defense system will be obviously damaged, which provides an opportunity for pathogen infection. Therefore, heat stress can cause secondary infections to pigs in a poor sanitary environment.

Under the action of heat stress, the pig body will increase metabolism and improve the anti-stress ability of the pigs!

The large increase of free radicals in pigs will increase the burden on the pigs and lead to the decline of immunity. The more vigorous the body's metabolism, the more free radicals it produces. The more vigorous the metabolism of the organ, the easier and more intense the attack by free radicals.

For example, the liver contains a variety of enzymes, which not only participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and hormones, but also have the functions of detoxification, secretion, excretion, blood coagulation and immunity. The damage from free radicals is greater.

Bile acids play an irreplaceable role in protecting the liver and detoxification in pigs, heat stress will directly affect the level of bile acids.

1. Heat stress leads to increased intestinal bile acids requirements

2. Heat stress affects the synthesis and transport of bile acids in the liver, resulting in insufficient bile acid secretion

Therefore, to reduce the damage of high temperature to the pigs, especially the damage to the liver, it is recommended to use Runeon bile acids + Happiness 100.

The addition of exogenous bile acids can directly make up for the lack of bile acids in pigs. As a natural endogenous digestive juice, adding bile acids in feed can directly make up for the lack of digestive juice in the digestive tract under heat stress conditions and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients! At the same time, bile acids as excretion fluid can protect the liver and detox, reduce the accumulation of endotoxin in pigs, reduce the burden on the liver.

Happiness 100 has three major ingredients: chlorogenic acid, eucommia flavone, and eucommia polysaccharide. The three ingredients work together to remove free radicals in pigs, improve the anti-stress ability of the pigs, and maintain the health and stability of the pigs.


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