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Eucalyptus essential oil to kill parasites

Release date:Jul 16,2019 Source:LACHANCE
Eucalyptus essential oil to kill parasites

With a land area of 303.57 million square kilometers, Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate and a tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature is between 28-34 °C. The annual rainfall is abundant. More importantly, there is no typhoon in Malaysia throughout the year, and aquaculture is relatively safe.

Barramundi is the main breed of Malaysian fish, with low breeding risk, stable price and high profit. However, in the aquaculture process, there are many difficulties encountered, and the parasite problem is extremely serious. Traditional parasiticides are mainly chemical agents, which cause great harm to the fish itself and the environment. And in marine aquaculture, due to the openness of the sea area, it is difficult to use traditional medicated bath methods.

Aquaculture customers in Malaysia are suffering from parasites all year round. In the course of our market visit, the customer learned that our products are green and safe repellent products, and found us, and asked our technical expert Gao Zhiqiang to go to the sea net to check the condition. At that time, each net was given 2,000 fish, and about 15 deaths per day. After on-site observation, the client's fish suffered from severe fish lice and monosporosis. In response to the current situation of the disease, Gao gave a program of 1kg/ton Eucalyptus essential oil mixed with feed. The customer started mixing at the site.

Eucalyptus essential oil

After 7 days of use, the effect is very obvious, and the number of deaths was reduced to 5/day. According to the calculation of 5USD/kg, each fish is at least 1KG, and you can earn 50USD more every day. Just like this kind of cage, there are 200 that the customer owns. If you want to use Eucalyptus essential oil, customers can make more money.

Eucalyptus oil is a green parasite repellent recommended by the European Commission. The main component is 1,8-cineole. By suppressing the absorption of nutrients to drive off parasites, it does not harm the fish itself, does not damage the environment, and does not remain. It is a well-deserved new choice for parasite repellent!

Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, which focus on bile acids research for 15 years. We are the unique legal manufacturer in China,and it has been also approved for the National Class One feed additives by China's Ministry of Agriculture.


Phone:+86 531 66699786

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