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Care for pet health: pet obesity can lead to hyperlipidemia

Release date:Mar 13,2020 Source:LACHANCE
Care for pet health: pet obesity can lead to hyperlipidemia

Basic Information

Name: Black; Gender: Male / Sterilized; Variety: Idyllic; Age: 6 years old; Weight: 9.6 kg


Pet Physician: Dr. Jiang; Major: Internal Medicine; Clinic Name: Dali Universal Love Animal Hospital

Primary diagnosis

Adult black idyllic cat, recently the spirit is dispirited, anorexia, lethargy; Black is an obese cat because of the accumulation of abdominal fat. After routine blood tests, biochemical tests showed elevated triglyceride levels.


After communicating with the pet owner, Black was given oral Damel to control blood lipid, and the pet food was replaced with low-fat prescription food.

 Follow-up check

Within a week or so,the blood lipid had decreased and the triglyceride index had decreased significantly. After long-term add Damel, Black 's weight has been brought under control and he is now down to 8.9kg, his spirits have been restored and his vitality levels have improved significantly.


Triglycerides are mainly stored in adipose tissue. Clinically, when triglycerides exceed the normal concentration, it is called lipidemia, which means the body has too much fat. Generally, obese or older pets might have varying degrees of hyperlipidemia. If pet has lipids or serum that looks milky white, it may be a sign of metabolic disease (pancreatitis, hypothyroidism). It is important to note that too much lipids can lead to high heart output and too little heart output can cause sudden death.

High blood lipids cause resistance to blood transport, and the volume of the left ventricle increases at the end of contraction, which looks like a decrease in the left ventricle's ability to contract, but actually due to increased resistance to blood transport. Triglyceride index in general will not exceed 100mg/L, if more than 350mg/dL, then the situation is very bad, the animal may die at any time.

The latest research and clinical confirmation, Damel (main content: bile acid) as endogenous substances, can improve the thyroid hormone activity, accelerate the metabolism of fat combustion, play a role in protecting the liver regulation of blood lipid.

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