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How to Get Rid of Sow's Tear Stains?

Release date:Jun 28,2020 Source:LACHANCE
How to Get Rid of Sow's Tear Stains?

At present, people are increasingly demanding the level of breeding efficiency.

The nutrition of high-fat dietary formulas in feeds continues to increase. Routine medication and vaccines also increase the burden on the liver. While improving production performance, people often overlooks the sub-health of sows. Pigs can’t sweat, the excessive toxin accumulation in the liver can only be expressed through the body surface. Many sows with a long service life tend to have excessive skin scabs and increased tear spots. Therefore, ensuring the liver health is the top priority in the current breeding process.

There are many problems that are difficult to solve in pig farms:

1. Sows feed intake has been decreased because of the hot weather.

Many farms usually inject injections to solve this problem, but the effect is average and easy to repeat. This may be related to the weather. The best way is to cool down the piggery. In addition, adding Lachance bile acids and Happiness 100 to the feed can effectively solve this problem. Lachance bile acids is a kind of digestive juice and excretory fluid, which can help digestion, promote the digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble substances, improve the use of energy in feed, and increase the intake of sows; Happiness 100 has effective anti-stress effect.

2. As the age of the sow grows, there is more toxin accumulation in the sow.

Because the sweat glands of pigs are underdeveloped, if the sows are used for a long period of time, the accumulation of toxins will be more serious. For example: tear spots in sows. In this case, adding bile acids can significantly improve it for about 20 days of continuous use. As an endogenous substance, bile acids is the best product to solve the toxin accumulation in sows, and has no side effects on the body.

3. Diarrhea in delivery room.

Diarrhea in the delivery room is often directly related to the sows. Toxic milk appears in the milk due to excessive toxins in the sows, and the diarrhea is likely to occur after the piglets eat. Lachance bile acids and Happiness 100 can effectively prevent this situation. Bile acids can effectively remove endotoxins, and Happiness 100 has a strong anti-toxicity effect.

Mr. Gao from Jining has raised about 80 sows. The level of breeding is relatively stable, but the problem of sores crust is difficult to solve, and the rate of diarrhea in the delivery room is also relatively high. Many methods have been used before but the effect is general. To bile acids and Happiness 100, he used the product with a trial attitude. According to the added amount of bile acids 500 grams and Happiness 100 200 grams of mixing material 1000 kgs, around the 10th day of use, the body surface of the sow began to change, the scab began to fall off, the effect was obvious, the diarrhea rate of piglets in the farrowing room has been significantly reduced, and it is still in continuous use.

With the development of the pig industry, how to ensure the health of sows is of paramount importance. The health of sows will make the piglets born healthy. Too much accumulation of toxins in the sows often causes a series of reproductive problems. Bile acids and Happiness 100 can fully solve the endotoxin situation of sows, and at the same time play the role of anti-toxicity and immunity.

In addition, as the temperature rises in summer, the bacteria and viruses are also more active. Moreover, some germs begin to reproduce as the temperature rises, the overall resistance of the pigs is not high. So spring is a turning point for the health of the pigs, and summer is a key season for liver protection and detoxification! Bile acids can effectively relieve the burden on the liver and effectively prevent the toxin accumulation in the sows. 

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