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Detoxification is the first step to solve piglet diarrhea

Release date:Apr 20,2020 Source:LACHANCE
Detoxification is the first step to solve piglet diarrhea

In 2011, Dr. Fan Fuhao's team analyzed the health status of the thousands of sows in more than 500 pig farms among 12 provinces in China. The main problems of pigs are concentrated in the body's poisoning and it can reach 59.75%. At the same time, malnutrition, immunosuppression, inflammation and septicemia cannot be ignored. When Dr. Fan investigated the health status of pigs in Guangzhou in 2013, he was surprised to find that the poisoning rate had reached 82.8%, and the data showed that the poisoning index of sows with severe diarrhea and abortion were high accompanied by immunosuppression.

During the pig production process, no matter how to disinfect the environment, it is impossible to be sterile and virus-free. As the sow feeding cycle goes, the body will accumulate a certain concentration of bacteria through the respiratory system, digestive and reproductive systems. These pathogenic microorganisms will reproduce under certain conditions, and produce toxic and harmful substances into the sow's blood and enter the mammary gland through the blood circulation. This toxic and harmful substance is bacterial endotoxin.

Endotoxin is a component of the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria (lipopolysaccharides). It won’t be released when the bacteria are alive. After the bacteria die (normal death or killed by antibiotics), the toxins will be released.

Endotoxin has a wide range of biological activities and it can cause inflammatory reactions (redness, swelling, heat, pain). Toxic shock occurs in severe cases, acute respiratory distress, multiple organ failure and even death. For example, heat-resistant enterotoxin produced by E. coli causes piglet diarrhea!

In general, the symptoms caused by endotoxin produced by different bacteria are mostly the same, which can cause the body temperature rise, diarrhea, toxic shock and other tissue damage!

Many research from Zhang Hongbing and others found that piglet diarrhea is related to endotoxin!

Blood samples were collected from 20 diarrhea piglets and 10 sows within 3 days of age, while blood from 20 diarrhea-free piglets and 10 sows of the same age were also used for testing. The result is as follows:

Table 1 The endotoxin in sows and piglets

The endotoxin in sows and piglets

The test results show:

No diarrhea group: the average endotoxin in sows was 1.007EU / mL, and the endotoxin content in piglets was 0.276EU / mL.

In the diarrhea group: the average endotoxin in sows was 1.978EU / mL, and the endotoxin content in piglets was 1.125EU / mL.

The endotoxin in the diarrhea group was 96.43% and 307.61% higher than that in the non-diarrhea group.

After treating the diarrhea piglets until the symptoms of diarrhea disappeared, the endotoxin content in the body was measured again, and all of them decreased to 0.385 EU / mL.

Table 2 The endotoxin in piglets and the changes of temperature

The endotoxin in piglets and the changes of temperature

The test results showed that the endotoxin in sows is positively correlated with the endotoxin in colostrum and can be transmitted to piglets through milk. When the content of endotoxin exceeds a certain threshold, piglets will have diarrhea. One of the main reasons for the poor effect of treatment for diarrhea is the high blood endotoxin in piglets. The conventional treatment only focuses on the bacteria but ignores the elimination of endotoxins produced by bacteria!

endotoxin in sows

At present, there are many products trying to solve endotoxin problem, the mechanism is mostly to block the production of inflammatory factors, which can’t completely eliminate endotoxin. Therefore, the fever can be reduced in a short time but the disease will recur after stopping using the drugs. The treatment effect is not efficient, and the animal mortality is higher.

After long time of application, we recommend an efficient solution-bile acids.

Bile acids can promote fat emulsification, digestion and absorption, and improve the utilization of energy in feed. It can quickly supplement the energy and other nutrients needed. And speed up the recovery of the animal! In addition, bile acids can protect the liver and the gall bladder health. Help to degrade the accumulation of endotoxin in the liver.

Deoxycholic acid in bile acids can help detoxify endotoxins. The bile acids can also stimulate the secretion the bile, which can clear the bile duct and decomposed endotoxin can be excreted with the bile. Completely solving the damage caused by endotoxin to the body and solve the problem of piglet diarrhea.

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