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Bile acids to increase the weight gain rate of trout

Release date:Jul 16,2019 Source:LACHANCE
Bile acids to increase the weight gain rate of trout

Turkey - Between Eurasia, its geographical latitude and water environment determine the cultivation of trout and seabass. There are many trout breeding enterprises in the locality. The level of breeding and the level of feed are different. At the same time, due to the addition of more fat in the feed, trout and seabass generally have fat metabolic diseases, such as fatty liver and jaundice, which have caused serious problems to local aquaculture enterprises economic losses.

In the local aquaculture concentration area, in Izmir there is a customer who has access to the information on the Internet to find out that our product Runeon(bile acids) can be used in trout feed and has good results. Understanding that Runeon(bile acids) can increase fat digestion and absorption rate, increase fish weight gain rate, reduce fish fatty liver, jaundice and other metabolic diseases, the customer's technical manager is very interested in the product, and immediately contact our sales manager serving the Turkish market, through the use of e-mail, phone calls and other means to communicate the application of Runeon(bile acids) in trout breeding, through our share of the role of products in trout, its mechanism of action, and through the actual trout experiment to calculate the economic benefits that Runeon(bile acids) can bring to customers. The customer said that Runeon(bile acids) is a very good product. In July last year, 100kg Runeon(bile acids) was ordered from Lachance for trial use.

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At the end of last year, when our business manager visited the Turkish market again, the customer invited us to visit and communicate the effect of Runeon(bile acids) on their trout breeding. The customer offered feedback on the experimental data. Let's share some of the results of the customer experiment:

Start Group no' 1 2 3 4
Treatment 300 ppm 1000ppm 1200ppm Ctrl
Avg. fish weight 183 184 183 178
number of fish 300 300 300 300
  Avg. fish weight Final 396 402 393 367
number of fish 291 291 282 261
Final   survival %   97   97   94   87
FCR 1.11 1.12 1.07 1.31
SGR 5.06 5.18 4.99 4.48
Group no' 1 2 3 4
Treatment 300 ppm 1000ppm 1200ppm Ctrl
Total body weight(t) 0.9009 0.8929 0.9345 0.7633
Production increase 18.01% 16.96% 22.43% ---
Fish price  
Net profit increase 1352USD 1216USD 1616USD ---

From the above table, we can see that in the 45-day experimental period, adding 1000 grams of Runeon(bile acids) per ton of feed in the feed of the test group can significantly increase the weight gain rate of trout. Calculated according to fed each group per ton of feed, the weight gain of the test group was increased by at least 16.96% compared with the control group. Based on the customer's local trout price, the use of Runeon(bile acids) can bring more net income at least $1,200.

At present, the customer has routinely added 1000 grams of Runeon(bile acids) per ton of feed to their feeds in their three trout and seabass farms, and have obtained considerable economic benefits.

LACHANCE have the latest bile acid extraction production plant, which has been built and put into operation, which is the world's largest production base for bile acids.


Phone:+86 531 66699786

Address:A-824, Lushang Square, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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